Monday, 14 July 2014

The creation of My Craft Room - Part 2 - Storage

The next stage of my craft/utility room was shelving for storing all my craft stuff. I want to see what I've got and make it easy to get to it. Before I had so much stuff stacked on top or in front of each other I didn't know where anything was. It took so much effort to find things I ended up not even trying.

Because of the low ceilings and the beams we were restricted with height so we chose Ikea Expedit shelving units all along one wall. One 4 x 4 unit and one 5 x 5. They fitted perfectly with room on top of the smaller one for some of my jars and a little chest of drawers. (Btw, they have stopped making the Expedit shelving & replaced it with Kallax range. Same internal measurements but if we hadn't bought the Expedit ones when we did we would have gaps at either end)

I scoured shops and the Internet for boxes that would fit into the cubicles to make the most of the space. I also needed smaller ones that could stack and fill the space.
With tape measure in my hand I found some food storage boxes approx 33 x 33 x 11cm  from Asda for £2 each. Not very pretty but I plan to insert some floral paper down the inside.

Asda Food Storage Box

Next I got 3 Fushia pink boxes with lids from Argos. 45W x 34D x 26H
They stick out a bit but the colour will hide the not so attractive bits & pieces.

Pink boxes from Argos

A friend who runs a cafe/tuck shop gave me some empty sweet boxes which were perfect for smaller collections of items e.g. Hearts - wooden, rusty, buttons, tiny willow wreaths etc. Yet again I plan to insert some pretty paper down the inside at the front. Although I have washed them they still smell of sweets. Quite a pleasant smell I think.

Sweet boxes (think Fizzy Strawberry Laces were in these - yum!)

I bought 3 slightly see through 24L lidded boxes from The Range then I found the perfect fit in B & Q (wish I'd discovered these first!) Expensive, and the clear plastic doesn't seem very good quality, but 2 of the medium boxes stacked on top of each other fit perfectly in a cubicle. 3 of the smaller ones stacked also fit perfectly. These boxes are ideal for my fat quarters, eighths and smaller left over pieces.

B & Q Sweater box

B & Q Shirt box

24L Storage box from The Range

The other cubicles will be filled with some of Ikea's DRONA boxes, books, folders, box files, baskets, tins etc which I will come to soon.

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