Friday, 29 August 2014

My Garden in August

I'm quite sad really...I spend hours just walking around my garden admiring (oohing & ahhing) at any new flower that appears and absolutely love it when it's scented too. I stick my nose in the centre (making sure there aren't any insects ready to bite my nose first!), inhale deeply with my eyes shut and say to myself "mmmmm". Not only that, I'm forever taking photos. I think I take more photos of my garden than my children. That maybe because they can never behave when I want one of them all together! Inevitably they take it in turns to pull silly faces which sets them all off into giggles. I'm lucky if I can get one decent photo of them sitting still smiling nicely and looking adorable (that's if adults can look adorable) out of 20 takes! 

I thought I would share some of the blooms out this month in my garden but alas can't share their perfume!

Roses from top left  Morning Jewel & Cornelia
Bottom left Kathleen Harrop & Zephrine Drouhin 

Top left Thalictrum Bottom left Clematis Sunburst
Right Hydrangea

From top left Bellis Daisy & Petunia/Geranium
From bottom left Japanese Anemone & White Phlox 

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