Monday, 11 August 2014

The creation of My Craft Room - Part 3 - Cupboard

As well as the Expedit shelving units I wanted a dresser or cupboard. 

I had seen this -


but couldn't find a new cupboard suitable. 
I needed a cupboard that wasn't too deep as I didn't want to have to squeeze past with my washing basket and, due to the low ceilings, not very tall. And it had to fit between to sets of wall lights (I do like to make things awkward for myself!). 

Then I wondered if putting their 40 x 80 x 80 kitchen base units on top of each other would work.
The "star" (my other half) did the measuring and planning and said "yes" it was possible. So, we bought 2 base units, a top piece (which I hadn't thought about because normally a worktop would go on the top of these base units) and end panels, using one of these to divide the 2 cupboards.

We used doors that matched the other kitchen cupboards for the bottom cupboard and the glazed option for the top half. 

We then used 4 medium wooded door knobs that we had spare for the feet. Extra wide opening hinges and some shelves and here we have it......

my "cute" cupboard if I don't mind saying so!